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MICS_class_outside.jpgThe Macha Innovative Community School (MICS) is a new primary school in Macha. The school offers innovative education specifically for the ‘resource limited’ order in rural Zambia using ICT capabilities.

The school is currently located in the MICS House in Macha with 5 small class rooms. In January 2009 the school counted 51 children. Because of the limited space within the MICS House a large group of children can't join MICS.

Macha Works has been successful in finding donors to build a new school with 8 class rooms in 2009.

On this Web site the different donors will be updated about the progress of the project. Click on the link to get more information about the following topics:

- More information about MICS

- Project budget

- Donor overview

- Status of the building activities of the school

- Update fund raising activities





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